Custom-Tailored Transactions

Our transactions can provide a range of benefits to business owners including:

  • Diversifying the wealth of entrepreneurs who continue to believe in their company's future
  • Retaining up to 50% of the equity of the business on a tax-deferred basis (while
    realizing cash proceeds of up to 90% of the company's total value)
  • Providing liquidity to owners who may desire to change their role in, or commitment to, their company
  • Transferring ownership from one generation to another, leaving the parents with cash and the children with ownership
  • Resolving shareholder disputes that could jeopardize the success or independence
    of the company
  • Solving estate planning issues
  • Transferring ownership to non-owner managers

Individual Companies Individual Needs
The Jeffrey Hart Group has expertise in a broad range of transactions and will structure a transaction that addresses your particular goals. One of our specific areas of expertise is in structuring transactions involving estate-planning issues. You want to diversify your net worth. You want to transfer ownership to your children and grandchildren in a tax-efficient manner. You don't want to burden your heirs with a potential sale of the company out of your estate. You desire to accomplish all of the above while continuing to participate in your company's upside potential by maintaining an ownership stake. The Jeffrey Hart Group can help--we have successfully structured many transactions to address issues such as these.

Industry Consolidations
If you are a leading owner-operator of a business that competes in a fragmented industry, an industry consolidation may be the right strategic direction for your company. Do you believe your industry could enjoy substantial benefits from consolidation? Do you have confidence that your management team is the right group to lead an industry consolidation? Do you want to avoid risking all of your own capital to engineer the consolidation? Would you like a partner who has prior experience in successful consolidations?
If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then The Jeffrey Hart Group can provide expertise based upon our success in working with excellent management teams to facilitate the consolidation.

The Strength of Partnership
Every investment is built around the concept of a win-win partnership.
We have an excellent track record of helping company owners achieve liquidity, while at the same time making sound investments for our limited partners.
A key to our success has been aligning ourselves with superior management teams with whom we form close partnerships.

Investment Criteria
We look for a handful of important characteristics in a potential investment candidate:

  • Strong management
  • Operating profit of at least $4 million (and generally up to $30 million)
  • High return on capital relative to industry peers
  • Strong market position
  • Privately-held, or closely-held, publicly-traded companies